《The 16th Day》

The 44th HK Arts Festival 2016  |  Contemporary Dance Series

City Contemporary Dance Festival 2017 |  Hong Kong Focus II



Duration: 11 Minutes


《The 16th Day》 was inspired by the book called “Sleep” which written by Haruki Murakami. The special lighting and sound effects activate a dialogue between the work and its audience into the world of insomnia. 


The choreographer abandons traditional moves and tries to create a new form of beauty, a unison of mind and body, an unconventional move, which started from the vellication of head. It is not only a personal story but it also questions about in what way the society affects our personal values and how to break with the traditional meaning of “beauty”.



《The 16th Day》


Photo by Keith Hiro @ Hong Kong Arts Festival 2016

"I really appreciated her use of sound and lighting in this work, they go well with the subtle yet strong repetitive gestures of the dancer, creating a dark and mythical atmosphere that is pretty impressive."

William Chan@Hong Kong Dance Journal