Heaven Behind the Door II

by Chloe Wong (in Busan)


Gabbie will Join team of Chloe Wong to Busan for joining the "Busan International Dance Market 2018" on  13-15 October, 2018.  

Photo Credit by Fontane Yiu 



Photo Credit by Fontane Yiu 

Photo Credit by Fontane Yiu 

“Maze” was awarded The Hong Kong Dance Award for Outstanding Independent Dance Production in 2013. Developed from “Maze”, “Maze: Pushing Boundaries 2.0” continues to explore ways of presenting, seeing, and attending dance. Pewan Chow and Rosalind Newman, two choreographers from different countries, open a spectrum of views as they present their collaborative production shifting the audiences’ sight lines, offering an interactive experience which delves into the strategies we use to overcome boundaries and limitations. “Maze: Pushing Boundaries” will be performed in June 2018 at Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

Date: June 2018 

Venue: Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Studio Theatre)

Choreographer: Pewan Chow & Rosalind Newman

Dancers: Antoinette Mak, Sarah Lo,  Gabbie Chan Hiu Ling, Cherry Leung, Cyrus Hui, Joseph Lee, Janet Wu, Evains Lui, Man Liu, Elyse Lai, Pandora Sin, Szeling Wong, Han Mei

Maze: Pushing Boundaries


Previous Performances 2017-18

Photo Credit by Chan Wai Lok

 SWIM WALKING |  Light Flight the Night

The merry-go-round surrounded by the city high-rises runs off a beam of light.
The isolated shadows begin to fly.
In the dark, the undistinguishable faces turn visible.
On the journey of light-searching, the crowd accidentally discovers a space to rest.
Will they, during the light-flight meet the initial states of themselves?

Date: 20,21,27,28 Jan 2018

Time: 1915 & 2030

Venue: Elgin Street Children’s Playground / Lan Kwai Fong Amphitheatre

Choreographer: Chloe Wong

Dancers:  Gabbie Chan Hiu Ling, Cyrus Hui, Evains Lui, Rain Chan, Alice Ma, Li Lu, etc.

"Xin Xiang" in City Contemporary Dance Festival

"Xin Xiang", choreographed by Passoverdance's Artistic Director Pewan Chow, is selected as one of the programmes in the CCDF.  

Date: 24 November 2017 

Time: 1400


Choreographer: Pewan Chow

Dancers: Antoinette Mak, Quan Juan, Gabbie Chan Hiu Ling

Photo Credit by Fontane Yiu 

Dance On: Contemporary Dance Theatre Programme 2

The nine captivating works showcased at the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power have been performed overseas, brought to the international arena by HKADC. 

Heaven Behind the Door II by Chloe Wong
The piece weaves together dance, text and projection to form a poetic world. Everyone is unique, although the society educates us to think otherwise. If everyone can preserve their own sanctuary – be it a belief, a place, a principle – the power can be tremendous!

Performance Date: 17 November 2017

Time: 2000

Venue:  Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Choreographer: Chloe Wong

Dancers: Cyrus Hui, Evains Lui, Rain Chan, Gabbie Chan Hiu Ling