Gabbie Chan Hiu-Ling

"Dance" is the key of opening human hearts and souls.

Gabbie Chan Hiu Ling, Artist in Residence of Passoverdance, born in Hong Kong, She was graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Major in Chinese Dance. During the studying, Chan was awarded Several Scholarships to Inner-Mongolia, Shanghai and American Dance Festival for cultural exchange.  


In 2012 to 2014, Chan joined the Dance Art company and participated in《In search of Hui Sin》,《M-cident》, 《Lament of the Exile》, etc. 


The 《M-cident》was awarded The Outstanding Independent Dance Production Award which was presented by the Hong Kong Dance Award. In the same year, The 《M-cident》was invited to Nanning and Beijing Contemporary Dance Festival for cultural exchange. After that Chan joined the dancing company ,Passoverdance, and started her own choreography. 

In 2015, Chan was invited to join the iDance Festival Hong Kong to present the work 《Recycle Green》. In 2016, Chan's work 《The 16th Day》 was presented by The Hong Kong Arts Festival in the Hong Kong, 


Chan’s choreography included《From Scratch》,《Whisper of Bubble》,《Whisper in the dark》 , 《Fabric》,《He, She, It》etc. Chan is interested to collaborate with different artists, she worked with Fashion designer, Musician, Composer, Videographer, Actor, etc. 

Performance Experiences

Date               Performances                                                                                                        

2018/06              Maze:Pushing Boundaries by Pewan Chow & Rosalind Newman


2018/01               SWIM WALKING |  Light Flight the Night by Chloe Wong                        


2017/11                City Contemporary Dance Festival 2018 - Hong Kong Focus

                            -   《Xin Xiang》 by Pewan Chow              


2017/ 11               Dance On: Contemporary Dance Theatre Programme 2

                            -  《Heaven behind the door II》 by Chloe Wong 


2017/ 10              Cultural Journey Along the Silk Road - Chinese Culture Days (Bahrain)

                          –《Lumenism》& 《Xin Xiang》 by Pewan Chow 


2016/11                IDance Festival (Hong Kong) 

                              –《Lumenism》 by Pewan Chow

2016/09                Tanzmesse 2016

                              –《Heaven behind the door》 by Chloe Wong 

2016/04                Passoverdance X PassingOn 2016

                              –《Calling》 by Pewan Chow

2016/03                Gmians

                              – 《Unended Story》


2015/11               iDance Festival Hong Kong

                              – 《Recycle Green》in Theater by Gabbie Chan


2015/09               DanceArt 

                              – 《CROXXING》by Cyrus Hui 


2015/07               The 4th China Xinjiang International Dance Festival

                             – 《Geng Yi Zi》by Yvette Huang


2015/07               HK Dance Alliance Emerging Choreographers 2015 

                              – 《The other side》by Joseph Lee


2015/06               Passoverdance In Search of Space in a Cramped city 

                              – 《Urban Bottling》by Pewan Chow 


2015/02               New Force in Motion Series  

                              – 《37 C》by Jo Leung


2015/01               DanceArt 

                              – 《Geng Yi Zi》by Yvette Huang 


2014/10               Passoverdance 

                              –《Breath of Wind》by Pewan Chow


2014/08               HKADC& Alliance Française de Hong Kong

                              – Body Lab for Priori Tropism: 《Habitat Here》by Mayson Tong


2014/04               Dance Art White Box Series

                              –《36》by Rex Ching & 《蛻》By Man Liu 


2013/12               Hong Kong Dance Festival

                              –《Ilusion-Art-Space》 by Francis Leung


2013/7                 Beijing Dance Festival 

                              –《M-cident》by Louis Huang

                              (Awarded for Outstanding Independent Dance Production in 2014)


2013/6                 DanceArt 

                              –《In Search of Hui Sin》by Ho Ying Fong  


2013/2                 DanceArt 

                              –《M-cident》by Louis Huang


2012/12               GuangSe Dance Festival 

                              – Site Pacific:《Twelve Corners》by Louis Huang


2012/11               GuangDong Dance Festival 

                              –《Lament of the Exile》by Zhang Xiao Xiong 


2012/11               New Vision Arts Festival 

                              –《Lament of the Exile》by Zhang Xiao Xiong 


2012/8                 Dance Art White Box Series 

                              –《Rustling of Discourse》by Mayson Tong


2012/1                 LCSD Dance on Parallel Lines Series 

                              –《Moving Void》by Ho Ying Fong 


2011/10               New Force in Motion Series

                              –《Solo》by Elaine Kwok Hiu Ling


2011/3                 New Force in Motion Series

                              –《Right Here, Right Now》by Rebecca Wong Mei Yuk


2010/12               LCSD Dance Day 2010 

                              – Opening ceremony by Daniel Yeung & Wong Ong Lok

2010/10               Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra 

                              –《Mystic Realm》by Mui Cheuk Yin


2010/9                 Unlock Dancing Plaza

                              – 《Tale of a Healthy City》 by Abby Chan


2010/6                Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

                              – 《Expo 2010 Shanghai China (Crossing Borders) 》

                                   by Mui Cheuk Yin, John Utans, Yu Pik Yim & Zhao Ming


2010/2                Hong Kong Dance Company 

                              –《Enjoy the dance, Feel the beauty》


2009/6                H. Arts Chao (Japan) 

                              – American Dance Festival 2009: 《Flower of the bone》


2008/9                Unlock Dancing Plaza 

                              –《Phoenix I》  &《Phoenix II》by Wu Yi Shan & Ming Yip


2008/6                International Arts Carnival Outreach:

                              –  《R ’s Adventurous Drift》 by Wong Ong Lok


2007/6                Youth Studio of Dance (Malaysia) 

                              – 《The Dream, the journey》 by Andy Wong & Wong Ong Lok


2006/6               Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra 

                              – 《Symphonic Dances》 by Mui Cheuk Yin